Common Problems Raccoons Cause

The raccoon has another name every so often spelled Racoon, North America raccoon, Northern raccoon, and also as coon is a medium-sized mammal native to North America. They often found in urban areas. As you know, every animal has its body structure having germs that are hazardous to human beings. Every disease lies from specie to other species and has a different effect on them. 

The raccoon can be dangerous for human life because the harmful disease Rabies can transmit through them to you and your pets or other animals. They have a percentage of rabies 91%. Raccoon feces is also dangerous because the reason behind it contains roundworm eggs that are harmful to human bodies and do fungus and infection to our brain, body, heart, eye damage, which lead the way of death.

Common Problems

Some common problems that raccoon cause is as following:

  • Electrical damage to your garden
  • Insulation damage
  • Spreading of Infectious disease 
  • Interior and exterior damage to the house
  • Lowered air quality

Electrical damage

Raccoon love to live in warren inside ceilings and walls. The shelter and heat are right for them but, it can be a primary causal of electrical damage and wires into your home. They can chew electrical wires and cut them into pieces, exposed wires, and dangerous conditions into your walls and ceilings. It can be a big issue.  

Damage to your garden

The raccoon can damage your garden and lawn because they eagerly want to harrow a hole to live in it, just like in woodland. They can harm all the plants and trees, leaves, grass, flowers, and vegetables and rip trash bags also because its a source of food for them.

Insulation damage

The raccoon can be a cause of damaging your insulation. They chew through the insulation in your ceilings and walls will lead to less effective insulation in your house and an enfeeble structure. They can build a nest in your insulation.

Spreading of Infectious disease

Raccoon animal is the leading cause of the Rabies disease. Their feces and urine are having germs, which is a main causal of infection and spreading of the disease quickly to you and your family and pets also. One possible condition is Baylis Ascaris. Its a roundworm that can damage your nervous system and also affect the respiratory system. Even their presence in your home can be fatal and vicious.

Interior and exterior damage to the house

The raccoon can ruin your interior and exterior of the home, such as roofs, lounge, siding, crawlspace, deck. They can damage your furniture too. They can dig holes and hide there and damage sliding, roofline, roof shingles. It can lead to water and humidity in your home to change temperature, damage the environment too.

Lowered air quality

Raccoon feces and urine can cause a stinky smell, and their waste can cause many hazardous diseases. They have an unpleasant odor, which can be challenging to take a breath. They store their food so the rotten food has its bad smell, which can be uncomfortable too and leads the way to lowered air quality.

As you know, Care is better than cure so, keep your house clean and protect your trash because they love to live in garbage. Fence your lawn and garden properly. Never provide any hole inside the house. Seal off your chimney. 

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